Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Khan Jadoon

Mr. Jadoon's Company


Investment Management & Development LLC

Mr. Jadoon belongs to a landlord family and started his professional career in his agriculture business, however, having been born and maintaining residence in Abu Dhabi always held a great affinity towards the United Arab Emirates; Hence he decided to expand his entrepreneurial journey into one which truly covers the definition of a UAE based but global business man.

Due to years of hard work and a self cultivated conglomerate of businesses Mr. Jadoon has established an extremely well known reputation in the country for his integrity, business ethics & acumen along with ability to deliver on projects that most entities would struggle with. Innovation in industry is something that comes to Mr. Jadoon naturally.

During his journey Mr. Jadoon has encountered and cultivated honor with but not limited to business icons, royal family members, and all others in the UAE who are defined as pillars of society. His name and reputation precede themselves and are exemplified by the number of foreign businesses who establish their presence in the UAE through utilizing services of or establishing JV's with Mr. Jadoon's multiple enterprises.

He started his Emirati business journey in the Real Estate business of Dubai and has since then risen to be one of the most recognized individuals not just in that field but a wide array of many more. His initial days were with Gadoon Properties in the United Arab Emirates. He then went on to taking founder shareholder positions in some of Dubai's largest and well renowned Developers along with spending a couple of years in Malaysia building one of the worlds most famous resorts.

Having executed several large projects in the United Arab Emirates and later in Malaysia Mr. Jadoon with the sponsorhip and support of a Royal Family member began GCC Royals: a company involved in many verticals of business. He expanded his real estate business to add others such as financial services, healthcare, oil & gas, private lending and more.

Disclaimer: Mr. Jadoon maintains a non executive role at Gawah Holdings Inc. He is not involved in the day to day operations of the entity. Though the co - founders maintain a degree of friendly respect towards him he has not contributed capital towards the group or any entity in the group and does not maintain and active role. His political aspirations are his own and not those of Gawah Holdings Inc. or any affiliated entity and any claims made by Mr. Jadoon with regards to his personal achievements have nothing to do with Gawah Holdings Inc.