Mr. Faraz Mehmood

Mr. Mehmood’s professional journey covers a family conglomerate in South Asia and then spreads into finance from a Management Buy Out of Fortis Banque Suisse, to Société Generale, through Credit Suisse to his current occupation as a multifaceted & invested entrepreneur.

His first venture as an entrepreneur was i-OTA, a boutique advisory firm, born out of a suggestion from 4 regionally renowned captains of industry who he considers himself privileged to have as mentors.

His second entrepreneurial experience brought him into GCC Royals which was founded by a dear friend of his. The combination of these two entities gave birth to Gawah Holdings which became a group involved in equity and debt capital markets, venture capital, private equity, sector agnostic yet shariah compliant fundraising, blockchain & digital assets advisory, Real Estate, Trade finance, insurance, oil & gas and renewable energy. With combined forces Mr. Mehmood was able to excel and do what he does best - identify trends, recognize value be it in human or working capital and integrate it into the group.

Another turn for the better took place when Mr. Mehmood requested his friend Mr. Suhail Al Ansari who at the time was a board member to become a shareholder of the group. The combination of Mr. Al Ansari’s experience dealing with sovereign entities especially on the matter of healthcare, his banking experience and the third partners real estate experience gave rise to exponential growth for the group.

Gawah Holdings, today, 3 years from its birth, has expanded from the original two companies to partnering up with the likes of Blockchain and digital asset pioneers such as Brock Pierce to setup a hedge fund : evenflow capital, acquire a stake in a universal exchange with Aaron Tsai ‘the king of shells’, take equity in an institutional crypto lender soon to become the sole provider of lending services to institutional clients for one of the worlds largest bitcoin custodians, also fund a conventional IT & software business, and add other industries such as medical parts distribution, artificial intelligence, healthcare evolved under a new business called Curis Ventures plus add strategic partnerships with globally renowned entities such as UK sovereign cloud allowing it to launch multiple joint ventures in the Middle East and more ventures of its own.